Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Leytonstone Artists' Film Night

The film night went really well. We had an audience of about 30 and laid out sofas and bar stools to a mixed crowd of students, friends and people interested in experimental artists' film.

The programme in order of appearance:
Nicky Hamlyn, Pro Agri (16mm, colour, silent)
Christy Johnson, Breaking the Plain (b&w super 8 transferred to DVD, sound)
Nicky Hamlyn, Sequences and Interruptions (16mm, colour, silent)
Stavros Gangos, Woman in Pub, Founders Land (DV, sound)
Woodrow Kernohan, Frame Refrain (DV, sound)
Cathy Rogers, Pan, (Super 8, colour, silent)
Boldicszar Cersnak-Risko, Somewhere Down above the Skies, (DV, sound)
Sean Malone (Found footage recorded on DV)
BUMF Collective; David Angus: DV Interruptions, Rafael Farias: Super Plus Extra, Andrew Sunderland: Autofocus
Conor Kelly, Aperature (DV, sound)
Stavros Gangos (super 8 installation)
Dominic De Vere and Anna Fernandez De Paco, Between Post (DV, Silent)

There's hope of a regular artists' film night in Leytonstone, which is being hosted by The Leytonstone Film Club and maybe another slot in next years festival.

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